Els van Noorduijn 

What Els does? 

Together with her employees Els searches for different, new pathways forward. She helps coordinating the transformational process, during which the employees chase after their self-defined goals. 

As a veteran Olympian and world-class athletics coach, Els has scientifically studied how to motivate people from the perspective of their possibilities and talents. What works in sports also works in business. 

In organizations where Els trains employees, including Altran, VION, Radboudumc, TU/e, ASML and CGI, people perform in ways comparable with professional athletes. An athlete can tell you exactly what drives him and what it means to him to achieve the goal he has set for himself. Sometimes this requires a creative, unconventional route. And sometimes the stepping stones to success are so obvious that everybody misses them. This is as true for sports as it is for business.  

How Els does it?

The body plays an integral role in motivating people. The body is what reacts first when something is off. This is the first thing we tackle in the world of sports. But in daily life we easily miss the signals. Els coaches people to pick up on them and use that knowledge so they can perform at the highest level. She does this through individual coaching, team process coaching, physical measuring and sensory perception.  


We used to be able to rely on firm foundations where experience (seniority) was paramount. In this time of constant change these old securities are liquifying. To face the future we must develop new ways forward in the midst of disruptive technologies. Old methods and old ways of doing things are no longer enough. Maintaining grip on your surroundings and your future requires different skills. Providing meaning is central to this process. Developing talents helps employees making that step. Within developmental programs they will learn what it takes to develop their own skills that allows them maintaining that grip. They will learn to ride the waves instead of wallowing in the shallows. This will unlock the enormous possibilities this time offers them. This is why developing talent matters!  

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