Welcome to The Stage!

Do you climb onto the stage or do you stay and watch?

The Stage is a stage for multi-talented people and the organizations that so desperately need them. The multi-talented person you encounter here could create a movement in your organization.


As a multi-talented person, you see the world differently. This allows you to see solutions where others encounter problems. Organizations that understand this want to work with you, precisely because you know how to make different connections.


But what happens in reality? Organizations often have difficulty offering multi-talented people positions. Simply because they don’t neatly fit into a box. And not in a cubicle either. People who color outside the lines are difficult to manage.


Not so fast! We think it’s a missed opportunity. There are other ways of going about this. Multi-talented people work outside box. Every box! The only way they can thrive is by crossing barriers.

We aim to change things around. Together with organizations that understand it takes multi-talented people to open new horizons and create new solutions. Will your organization join?

Wouldn’t it be great to see your problems transformed into solutions? What a change in perspective that would be!

What is the Stage?

The Stage puts the power of multi-talented people on display. It makes it tangible. The Stage is a bridge between the multi-talented and organizations.

  • We help you, dear multi-talent, to make work of the very qualities that make you unique.
  • We help you, dear organization, to enable multi-talent to excel in your company.
  • We identify the invisible multi-talented people in companies and organizations where they go unrecognized by their surroundings as well as themselves.

There is no reason why this wouldn’t work. The Stage shows how.

What does the Stage do?

At this time, we do four things:

1. This page is like a theater entrance to our podcast The Stage in which multi-talented people in each episode discuss a different aspect of what it means to be multi-talented. But we also have conversations with companies. Click here to go to The Stage podcast. 

2. Once a year, The Stage organizes an event for multi-talented people and people with an interest in the subject. Together we explore the space that multi-talented people need to achieve their full potential. It’s always a party. Sign up here. 

3. We publish an Art Nouveaux magazine about what multi-talented people have to offer organizations and businesses. This is all the more relevant now that society is facing major challenges. The magazine offers a purposely idiosyncratic perspective. 

4. The Stage lends people out for a fee. No, The Stage is not an employment agency. This is also not our revenue model. We want a change in how the business community thinks. We want talent to excel and flourish.    

Join the change

As you can see, like the multi-talented people we work with, The Stage also leaves the beaten path. Join us in breaking new ground. Let’s be innovators who dare to take the stage for a new sound.

That’s what The Stage is all about. We are quirky, contrary, and differently wired. Because that’s the only way to get a change. Together with multi-talented people in the Netherlands. And together with organizations that understand that such a change is needed.

Together with you! Will you also help break through the narrow-mindedness that holds us back? Then sign up for our Art Nouveaux magazine, register for The Stage event and listen to our podcast The Stage.

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