Veelbegaafd gives people with multiple talents insight into their own talents and learns how to use them differently. Through various practical assignments as well as intensive coaching, the perfect candidate is formed for solving complex issues, both within an organization as well as organization-wide problems.

Aftermovie Business Games Event 2023

On Sept. 14, the question was:
How do we deal with public space?
central during the second event of Gifted.

Watch the aftermovie here

Aftermovie Business Games Event 2022

What is Veelbegaafd?

Within organizations, there is an increasing demand for suitable individuals to solve complex issues. Issues that cannot be successfully solved with the current way of working.

Veelbegaafd believes in the power of multiple talents. Thus, a talented musician with organizational talent can, with the right guidance and the will to excel, also become successful as a director of a concert hall.

Through an intensive coaching program and several practical assignments at leading organizations, Gifted helps talented individuals gain insight into what his or her various talents are, how to develop them further and how to use them in other ways.

Versatile stands for personal development, letting candidates excel and successfully solving complex issues through the perfect person.

Els van Noorduijn

As a multiple talent, Els is the driving force behind Veelbegaafd. As a former Olympic athlete, Els knows what it takes to achieve goals and how to use her various talents to become successful in various fields.

ar career as an elite athlete, Els decided to focus on coaching, mentoring and training multiple talents. Els has successfully mentored dozens of talents over the years.

The books “Range” by David Epstein & “Multiple Intelligences” by Howard Gardner form an important basis for Els’ pathways.

Curious about the capabilities of Veelbegaafd?

A website doesn’t say it all, especially when every course is customized. There are unique issues within each organization and each candidate has different talents. We work from our beliefs and philosophy but specifically focused on the candidate and the company in question.

It is precisely for this reason that we would like to get in touch with you as a candidate or as an organization. In a personal meeting we will look together at the possibilities and added value of Gifted for You.

Our team

The Veelbegaafd team consists of;

  • Els van Noorduijn (Founder)
  • Jacco Saaman (board)
  • Jeroen Hollestelle (partner and co-founder The Stage)
  • Mandy on the Field (board)
  • Peter van den Heuvel (partner)

We are in a transition. Statutorily we are still called Tap2Top. However, we play and communicate under the brand name Versatile..

Jeroen Hollestelle

“I don’t believe in imposed restrictions, I don’t believe in limitations. Learned to oversee whole (play) field, know what is needed in people, process and content. Do an intervention, short, lean & mean, based on meaningful questions.
Then I survey the field again. Always part of that same field. Use the obstacle, the difficulty of the moment, to move forward.”


Veelbegaafd Pod Past Future

Veelbegaafd at Maarten Goedemé
Veelbegaafd at “Top Women” by Annemarie van den Thillart

Veelbegaafd collaborates with…

Transactional Land
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences



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